Friday, November 24, 2017

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Quality checks are conducted at stages during the process of manufacturing right from the Raw Material to the finished product.

Samples from incoming Raw Material is drawn and tested in the Lab setup In-house to ensure its mechanical properties, chemical composition in accordance with the requirements/relevant Specifications and comparability with the Mill Test Certificates furnished by the Steel Manufacturers before taking into production planning.

Dimensional/Visual Inspection is carried out during the Process of Sizing, Edge Preparation/Beveling, Pipe forming,, Pre & Post Submerged Arc Welding Operations, Profiling, Finishing, Hydro Testing and Final Inspection before dispatch.

All documents comprising of Test Reports prepared at various stages under witness by the Inspecting Authority are summarized in "Work Test Certificate" issued under the Seal of the Company duly signed by the Quality Control Manager.


- Sources of Raw Material (ISI MARK).

- Steel Authority of India.

- TATA Steel

- ESSAR Steel

- Jindal Steel


- Automelt Copper Coated Wire Gr-A (EL-8),

Corresponding Flux Automelt Gr.-II.


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