The Penstock is an integral component of Hydro Electric Power Generation Projects and have a Vital Role for smooth operation of the Turbines with controlled Turbulence under the surge of water in the system to maintain a constant Pressure. In general, Micro Hydro Power generation Projects in the Hill Terrains are based on high Head of water where quality Penstocks are essentially required to withstand a Pressure of 5 Mpa (51Kg/Cm2) or even more. It may not possible to achieve the desired standards of quality other than in a well established factory.

The factory of Mukat Pipes Limited is well equipped with all the facilities to undertake Inside & Outside welding of the pipe from 12 inch diameter up to 2540 mm diameter or even more is done by Submerged Arc Welding Process adopting procedure as per ASME SEC-IX and deploying Copper Coated wire EL-8/EH-14 (Gr.A/Gr.C) of classification AWS/SFA A5.17 as filler Rod alongwith Corresponding Flux Automelt Gr.-II/Gr.-IV of classification AWS/SFA A5.17 for continues welding to achieve best quality welds instead of doing with welding Electrodes (a Traditional Method) which can not give uninterrupted and uniform weld Beeds of the desired quality standards.

Mukat Pipes Limited is committed to conduct the stage Inspection for all the operations to Cross check and maintain the quality. Samples are drawn from the raw material as well finished Product for Testing in the well established in house mechanical Lab to meet the required Standards. The Raw materials in the shape of M.S Plates & HR Coils in accordance with the IS Specification and requirements undergoes for inhouse Testing in line with MILL Test Certificates Provided by the Manufacturers for conformity of the materials. Ultimately, Hydro Test is conducted for each & every Pipe at the designed Pressure on the Hydrotesting machine having a range from 12 inch diameter to 105 inch diameter for a varied length of the Pipe from 4 Meter to 12 Meter under the certification of Bureau of Indian standards. 

Mukat Pipes are being extensively used as Penstocks/ Power Pipes on Hydro Electric Power Projects, utility services in Refineries, Fertilisers, Thermal Power Projects, Water supply Projects and other Industrial use for Government, Public & Private Sectors.

Mukat Pipes have a large Client base for Penstocks Pipes on Hydro Power Projects mainly in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttrakhand and other States, our Reputed Customers are M/s Shakti Hydro Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd. Chamba (H.P) M/s Sri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd, Kullu (H.P) M/s Anubhav Hydel Power Pvt. Ltd. Chamba (H.P) M/s Ranga Raju Warehousing Pvt. Ltd. Rampur (H.P) M/s Regency Hydro Power & Motelresorts Pvt. Ltd. Poanta Sahib (H.P & Uttrakhand.) M/s IMP Energy Limited for J & K and many more in our list.

Apart from the Penstocks, the water is required to be Carried from a source situated at a distant Place with gravity flow to the Forebay Tank (SURGE SHAFT) for onward Transmission to the Turbines through Penstock under Pressure of the water Head. The conductor for carrying water may also Preferably be made out of M.S Pipes instead of open channel to avoid Blockage due to land sliding on the way, which may be difficult to clear without shutdowns. More over, the open channel is Prone to fatal Accident for the Animals/Birds or even human being Passing by the Alignment may get trapped in to it.

The civil construction of the channel may also develop cracks at the bottom particularly at the corners over a time period. There is a higher risk of cracks even in the RCC channel due to occurring of Trammers in the Zone which may lead to undetected water loss due to seepage/leakage considerably. Once the water finds its way to gush through the cracks may not be plugged even if it is detected and there may be a huge loss of water discharge through the channel. It is highly recommended that the water conductor of RCC channel may be replaced with SAW Spiral Pipes being the cost of both at Par but protecting the water loss & other factors to the greater extent.  





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